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Family law issues are among the most difficult types of cases to handle for individuals.  Fortunately, we have a great deal of experience fighting the difficult battles that present themselves in Family Court.  We will never minimize the difficult situations that our clients are going through and the effect that it has on them and, especially, upon their children.  We have the ability to not only represent you in court, but also to reach agreements when in our client’s best interest to avoid long, dragged out court battles.  If you have been served with a petition in Family Law Court you must contact us immediately so that we can make certain that your rights are not compromised.

Dissolution of Marriage
If you have decided that your marriage has reached a point where it is necessary for you to file for divorce, or if you have been served with a petition for dissolution of marriage we can help.  We understand the many difficult issues that present themselves in these cases such as spousal support, child support and visitation and we will fight for every legal right on your behalf.  Often times we have been presented with a situation in which one spouse earns significantly more than the other spouse.  Under those circumstances we have successfully moved the Court to order the higher earning spouse to pay the other spouse’s attorney’s fees.  So even if you believe you cannot afford an attorney, contact us right away so we can look at your particular circumstances.

Modifications of Final Order of Dissolution including Child Support
Many times the circumstances of the parties to a divorce can change significantly after the divorce has been granted.   In those cases it is possible to move the Court to change, or modify, the Final Order of Dissolution of Marriage.  The most common legal issue in these cases is usually child support.  For example, if one former spouse’s income increases or decreases significantly that party may request that the Court order that child support be increased or decreased accordingly.  If you find that your former spouse is seeking to modify the terms of your Final Order contact us so we can explain your rights to you.

Domestic Violence Injunctions
Unfortunately, we have often been asked to appear before the Court on behalf of a client who is requesting that a Domestic Violence Injunction be entered against another individual.  We have handled dozens of these cases and know how to present the evidence before the Court to make sure that our clients are protected by the Court from repeat episodes of domestic violence.  We also recognize that some clients have been served with Domestic Violence Injunctions and have done nothing to deserve the entry of the DVI against them.  Again, we have handled dozen of these cases and can protect our clients from having a DVI entered against them.  Too often the courts enter the injunctions in an abundance of caution.  This can have devastating effect upon the individual upon whom the injunction is entered from repeat arrests to loss of job and reputation.  We are here to help in either circumstance.