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A resident of Tampa for over 45 years, Alan R. Sandler attended Chamberlain High School.  Upon his graduation from Chamberlain, Alan was accepted and attended the University of Florida before earning his degree in Criminal Justice from the University of South Florida.  Upon graduation, Mr. Sandler began his career as Behavioral Program Specialist for the State of Florida Department of Children and Families.

Mr.Sandler, after two years, then decided to attend law school.  Mr. Sandler attended St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Florida graduating in May, 1991.  After his graduation, Mr. Sandler returned to Tampa where he was soon employed as an Assistant Public Defender.  For the first eight months of his tenure with the Office of the Public Defender, Mr. Sandler was assigned to the juvenile division.  Mr. Sandler then was moved to the misdemeanor division where he quickly became established in handling DUI cases and other misdemeanor offenses such as possession of cannabis.  After being in the misdemeanor division for a short period of time, Mr. Sandler had established himself enough to be moved to the felony division. 

Once moved to the felony division, Mr. Sandler began to represent felony offenders who were facing serious prison time.  After establishing himself as a leader in the office, Mr. Sandler was promoted to Lead Trial Attorney responsible for the oversight and administration of an entire felony division and the other assistant public defenders assigned to that division.  Mr. Sandler, shortly thereafter, was again promoted to Lead Attorney in Charge of Special Litigation.  As Attorney in Charge of Special Litigations, Mr. Sandler was tasked with oversight of a caseload of cases that presented complex criminal law issues such as DNA, serology, blood spatter evidence or other scientific evidence.   The Special Litigation unit was also assigned to cases that were particularly labor intensive such as those with a large number of witnesses.  After 3 years at the Office of the Public Defender, Mr. Sandler moved into his own practice,  By the time he left the Office of the Public Defender, he  had tried over 50 felony  jury trials to verdict including 1st degree murders, DUI Manslaughters, numerous sexual battery cases, robbery cases, drug trafficking offenses and shaken baby cases just to name a few.

After opening his own office in Ybor City in 1995, Mr. Sandler limited his practice to criminal law matters.  Mr. Sandler soon found himself being retained to handle criminal cases all over the state of Florida, and tried many serious criminal offenses before juries throughout the state.  In 1997, Mr. Sandler expanded his practice into the area of Personal Injury as well.  He has been handling Personal Injury cases since that time and has successfully handled hundreds of PI cases.

In 2001, Mr. Sandler established the firm of Sandler & Perez as managing partner.  A boutique law firm, Sandler & Perez concentrated their practice in the areas of Personal Injury and Criminal Defense.  During this time, Mr. Sandler also began accepting White Collar Crime cases having defended individuals in the mortgage industry in mortgage and bank fraud cases and embezzlement cases as well.

In 2008 Mr. Sandler again established the Law Firm of Alan R. Sandler, P.A. which offered services in Personal Injury, Criminal Law and Family Law matters, and Mr. Sandler continued to appear in courts, both Federal and state throughout Florida providing his clients with those services.

In 2010, Mr. Sandler was approached by a leading national civil litigation and real estate firm requesting that Mr. Sandler join their firm.  After agreeing to do so, Mr. Sandler was quickly promoted to Supervising Attorney.  As Supervising Attorney, Mr. Sandler was tasked with the supervision and oversight of 28 attorneys and their staff.  Mr. Sandler was also responsible for training attorneys that were joining the firm and implementing policies and procedures for the litigation staff.  At its’ peak, Mr. Sandler and his staff of attorneys were handling over 400 hearings per week throughout the state.

In 2015, Mr. Sandler yearning to return to private practice where he could once again provide services in the areas of Criminal Law, Personal Injury and Family Law, re-opened the Law Office of Alan R. Sandler, Attorney at Law.  Additionally, Mr. Sandler due to his experience in his former firm decided to engage in the practice of Foreclosure Defense and FDCPA violation as well.

Mr. Sandler has been a member of the Florida Bar since November, 1991.  He lives in Tampa with his wife Susan and his two daughters.  In his spare time, Mr. Sandler enjoys golf, soccer, exercise, reading and cooking.

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